Recent Notable Accomplishments

January '19

Our client employs continuous data protection through use of Ansible playbook used as a central orchestration script for backups of variety of data sources (databases, shared unstructured data sources, website directories, system logs and configuration).  The backup files are then staged at a central internal location and are uploaded to a private AWS S3 bucket for longer retention.

December '18

A combination of Zabbix monitoring and Graylog log management technologies, deployed at our client, help to promptly identify an SQL Injection attack on a public Wordpress site and block attackers' source IP addresses using GCP firewall rules.

November '18

Zabbix systems monitoring technology, deployed at our client site, helps to identify the source of a recurring network performance issue within minutes -- a dramatic decrease of detection time for an issue that previously took several weeks to identify.  Once the cause of the issue was confirmed, replacement of several network infrastructure components lowered execution time for select business processes by 30 times.

May '18

A full service EDI company deploys Zabbix systems monitoring technology to increase application and service availability, enable performance monitoring, and simplify troubleshooting.

April '18

A full service EDI company deploys Duo Security multi-factor authentication in tandem with Microsoft Active Directory to ensure trusted and secure remote access to its network.  The technology allows the firm to restrict the countries that connections can be made from, minimizes the risk of password compromise, as well as provides a substantially better level of confidence when providing application access to the end user.

October '17

European building materials manufacturer relocates its showroom from NYC Soho to Empire State Building.  Elliten handles planning, delivery, and cut-over of TELCO lines, provides the new office with network and telephony connectivity.  Organization migrates from on-premise telephony system to Public Cloud-hosted PBX.

June '17

Advanced water meter installation services provider migrates its on-premise Microsoft Exchange e-mail infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365 and provides employees with advanced communication and collaboration technologies, such as Skype for Business, Sharepoint, OneDrive.